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I help visionary female entrepreneurs rise up as next level leaders to successfully scale their business, so that they can create more impact, more income and more freedom… without burn-out or overwhelm!


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Jenna Faye is the online digital strategist & business coach for heart-centered, passion-driven coaches, consultants and online businesses.

With her signature Soul Meets Strategyβ„’ systems, she helps conscious female entrepreneurs rise up as leaders & scale their business to create more impact, income and freedom... without the burn-out or overwhelm. Born in Western Canada, she is a full-time digital nomad, adventuring the globe with her partner, and is forever seeking new beaches, great hikes and beautiful sunrises!

As a no BS, recovered people pleaser, who values proven methods and easy-to-implement systems, Jenna is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs create lasting impact by unleashing their highly strategic, totally aligned and wildly profitable business... without feeling overwhelmed!

Transforming from an obese, burnt-out, 22K in debt, corporate slave to a thriving, healthy, passion-driven FULL-TIME digital nomad, Jenna infuses her wonderful sense of play into all of her clients and businesses as she travels the world with her fiance. She truly believes that if you aren't having fun with your biz, there is no point in getting into business.

Today, she's has packaged up all of her knowledge from many years in the digital space to help transformation ready female entrepreneurs create raving clients, great, consistent income and a business they are totally in love with... without the overwhelm, or wasting money without results!


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