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Every week, the Sacred SHE Soul Sessions brings you a live, interactive conversation with successful bossbabes, spiritual wisdom women and kick-ass divine feminine goddesses! Jenna and her guest will chat in-depth about success and development topics and will give you tools, techniques and ACTUAL practical advice to up-level your life! Join us Sister, so you can take more action in your life! Tune in and post your questions to be featured on the Livecast.

turning negatives into positives

Courtney Faye Maguire of Blooming Lotus deep dives how to make the shifts to over come negative thoughts and situations in your life that are currently holding you back. Tools and tactics are laced throughout!

The Power of asking questions

Why is it important that you ask more questions?! Is there actually power in your words? How does it affect your manifesting abilities? Join me and my guest and fellow sister, Tanya M Desaulniers on this week's episode!

Childhood beliefs & Your Money Story

How are your childhood beliefs and wounds shaping who you are today? How can you STOP self sabotaging?! Join me and Amy Turner  as we explore this topic in depth!