An Open Letter To Entrepreneurs

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Question: Do you believe in investing in yourself and your business?

How much are you willing to put in to get out?

Recently, I was on a morning walk with Spencer, my fiance, and we were chatting about my belief that a business only grows as much as the owner does.

Growing myself has been the catalyst for massive expansion of my businesses.

Often, new entrepreneurs assume that things will happen overnight. We see our idols and inspirations rocket-ship their businesses to new heights... and it seems like they do it with bliss, joy and ease...

In reality, every successful entrepreneur knows that it is the behind the scenes work, the personal growth and learning that creates earth-shaking shifts in your biz!After the walk, I added up what I have invested in learning over the year... 

I was happily shocked at the breakdown of how much I've invested in myself. I can truly say that my investments have paid off 100X over and have allowed me to create a lifestyle of travel, adventure, time and financial freedom!

I'm going to share my breakdown because it's important to be R-E-A-L with you; when I started investing in my business, I was 25K in debt ( student loans + shopping addiction)!

Before I go further, remember Sister... it's OK to start small in the beginning. Start making small investments in your future and never let anyone pressure you into anything that you don't see value in (those are called sleazy saleswomen!).

Here goes the list...

Prior to 2014: 15k+ invested into university and safety courses while working in corporate. At this point, I had no intention of having a business. During this chapter of my life I fell into doing what I "should" do in the eyes of my parent's generation.

2014 - 2015: 25k in debt. This is when I first stumbled upon personal development + entrepreneurship in the form of network marketing. I invested about 5k+ into events and trainings, but I was unclear on my overall vision and I continued to work my J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

2016: Quit corporate. Spent about 5k+ taking courses on personal training, holistic nutrition, coaching and spiritual modalities. I was working locally with my business and did some online business tinkering. It was at this time that I hosted my first workshops. 

2017: Worked locally until in May when we sold 90 % of our stuff and began our full time travel adventure. I struggled to transition my business to online full time while travelling. Read a lot of books (hundreds of $$), hours of webinars and lots of free trainings/podcasts. In late 2017, I signed up for my first group coaching program for a total of 3k to start learning the systems to build a successful business online that I could scale. Launched my first course and started to expand my coaching.

2018: Launched more courses and started offering group programs as well as 1:1 coaching. Hired 2 different coach/strategists for 5k total who over promised and under delivered. Hired my current coach and invested 10k, which has led to huge growth in my business. I raised my prices, sold out my group program twice and filled my 1:1 slots with soulmate clients. Recently, Iweekend I signed up for a 12 month mastermind and private coaching program, which was a 20k investment. 

Total investments: 50k+ plus university expenses

Note: this doesn't include VAs, overhead, graphic design and other freelance work costs.

Now I am not telling you to go pull 50k out of your ass and throw it into a bunch of courses and coaches tomorrow...

I am saying that if you are serious about bringing your business vision to life and impacting the lives of others with it, you have to treat it like a business.

This includes investing in yourself. You must be willing to take calculated risks to get a ROI, so that you can continue to grow yourself, your knowledge and skills.

Think about it: we don't hesitate to spend tens of thousands on university, but when it comes to our own development and businesses, it can crazy to invest!

Remember: one foot in front of the other. Embody the version of yourself you desire to become. Invest your time into yourself... because no one else is going to up-level you, except... YOU!

Know that even if your first investment is a book, that is still movement in the right direction. Don't forget how resourceful you can be at attracting money when you believe you are worthy of it!

Sister, if you are looking for guidance on what next steps to take to grow your business without feeling pressured to max your credit cards, reach out to me!

The most important thing to me is providing suggestions on what is best for you: whether that means working with me, someone else or simply making your first book investment. 

There's a big difference between believing in someone's resourcefulness and pressuring them into something they aren't ready for or interested in.

Lots of love,


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Jenna Handel