What a “witch” actually is!

What does being a “witch” actually mean?

Witch is a term that has been used to demonize and repress women and it is now being reclaimed by the modern woman. It is NO longer an insult used to instill fear.

Being a witch is not a negative spell casting wart faced woman. The modern witch is all about connecting with ourselves, stepping into our power and supporting each other.

Women are coming back to circle gatherings, rituals, healing, manifestation and working harmoniously with the cycles of the moon, mother nature and our own bodies.

We are re-membering.

The part within us that NEEDS to be tapped into and fully expressed, that is the witch within YOU.

As Lisa Lister says “The witch is a woman FULLY in her power.

She’s in touch with the dark. She knows how to be the witness, how to let things go and how to follow her own counsel. Most importantly though, she questions EVERYTHING.

She’s connected, pussy to the Earth.”

As witches we are connected to those who have gone before us and we can feel the sacredness in our souls. We know that there is so much more to this life than what we are led to believe.

More and more of us are hearing the “call” and for some it’s getting super fucking loud. (Intuitive nudges, babes).

Embracing the witch within you means connecting with your inner goddess and wild woman.

Connecting with and aligning with your soul.

Balancing your feminine and masculine energy (in a masculine driven society).

Being a witch means learning to truly trust yourself and awaken the deepest parts that are within you.

Healing yourself as you learn to step into your true potential and release the fears holding you back in your life. As we heal ourselves we help heal each other and Mother Earth.

It’s SUCH a powerful and magical time sisters. For thousands of years, most women have felt powerless, but we are in a time and energetic space with so much potential and possibility!

Sister, you have so much creative energy within you. YOU are a creatrix. When you trust in yourself, fellow women and Mother Nature – there is so much magic to be tapped into.

The divine feminine is us. The witch is US. And we are her.


Jenna HandelComment