The Return of the Sacred SHE

The Return of the Sacred SHE. The Goddess. The Divine Feminine. Shakti.

It is a time of healing - both of ourselves and the world around us. Where we reconnect with ourselves, eachother and mother earth herself.

Have you been feeling the shift start to happen? You must if you are reading this now. As we enter this new age we are being called to a conscious and collective evolution and the awakening of the Goddess.

It is not about wronging the past, it's about reawakening what has been dormant for centuries.

We all have a power within us. Ancient wisdom. A sacred, creative feminine life force that is ready to free flow after laying dormant. This energy is ready to rise with you.

Women are healing and reclaiming themselves and their power. Stepping into their fullest potential. (And not just women - so many men are embracing the sacred masculine and supporting the divine feminine).

When we heal ourselves we can bridge the gap of seperation we have from Mother Earth, for she is a reflection of us and how we treat ourselves.

"Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after."
-Dr. Christine Northup

As we become more harmonious, the Mother Earth does too. 
We are being called to a conscious evolution in the sense that healing is not easy. Releasing the beliefs you have based your foundation upon is not easy.

It takes a lot of lady balls to heal. Rising is not comfortable. We live in a society where we are conditioned to feel we are not enough. (Not true babe).

When you realize you have all you could ever need within you is when you can truly rise. You can own who you are unapologetically.

The time has come to answer HER call. The call to balance the feminine and masculine in our world and your life. That is the restlessness you feel. That emptiness that you cannot seem to fill.

The world needs you sister.

Much Love,

Jenna Xo

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