Learn to Smudge

Smudging is a critical first step in any sacred ritual, as well as an important way to complete and seal sacred work.

This ancient practice clears low vibrations and stuck energies.

I smudge daily to purify my sacred space before ritual, ceremony, or meditation. Burning sacred herbs is perhaps the most time-tested method for energetically (and sometimes physically) cleansing a space. For millennia, our ancestors have believed that sacred smoke raises vibrations and assists with magic. So when we smudge today, we also connect with our lineage in a powerful way.

My go to for smudging is white sage. 

Benefits of Smudging:

In addition to cleansing the air of unwanted bacteria, the benefits of smudging, and producing negative ions includes:

Increasing your sense of well-being and improving mental focus. Smudging removes the debilitating effects of excess positive ions in the air in a way that’s been described as a natural antidepressant.

Clearing negative energy. The smoke helps to change the molecular structure of both the air and energy, which produces a cleansing effect. As the sense of smell is strongly linked to memory and instinct, smudging is very effective for combating feels of anger, fear, anxiety, grief and depression.

Clearing the air. In addition to bacteria, smudging can help clear the air of pollen, pet dander, dust, mold spores and other potential allergens to improve allergy symptoms.

Cleansing objects. Not only can smudging cleanse a room, but it can cleanse objects. Whenever you bring a new object into your home, especially something like an antique that’s likely to have been exposed to negative energy over the years, you can use a smudge stick, allowing the smoke to pass over the time to help clear it so that it doesn’t affect you or your environment.

How to Smudge:

Light one end of your smudge stick allowing it to catch fire and burn for several seconds. Once the flame extinguishes gently blow on the lit end to fan the embers; the smudge will begin to glow and smoke. Lay the smudge on a heat proof dish, such as an abalone shell, to catch the ashes as it burns.

As the smoke rises into the air, picture or speak your intention, whatever it may be. If you are clearing negative energy, picture its density and see it lifting away. Healing? Then imagine the smoke cleansing any illness or injury. Whatever it is – envision it floating away on the smoke. You can pray or chant if you feel so called. Use your hands or a smudge fan to guide the smoke over yourself and around your sacred space.

You can smudge your space, yourself and items to cleanse them and their energy.

Make sure to crack a window and keep an eye on your burning sage/herb bundle!

** Fav types of herbs to smudge with and their properties: ****

  • Cedar – banishes fear and enhances psychic powers.
  • Frankincense resin – reduces stress, eases tension, and connects you with Source energy.
  • Lavender – brings peace, relaxation, and restful sleep; purity and love. 
  • Lemongrass – for cleansing and purifying, removing obstacles, and opening doors. 
  • Palo Santo – for deep healing to the physical body;
  • Sage Flowers – for cleansing and releasing negative energies; brings wisdom and purity. 
  • Thyme – excellent for releasing ceremonies; allows us to recall the past without pain.
  • White Sage or Salvia Apiana – used to clear negative energies from objects, space, or people.

Happy smudging babes! Who else cleanses their space and what is your process? Xo


Jenna Handel