What is Reiki?

As a Reiki Master - Teacher, I LOVE teaching about this ancient modality. Where it originated, the history behind it and how it works!

Reiki is an ancient healing art. The traditional Reiki story originated in the 1800's but at that point it was already ancient.

It is apart of EVERY one of us, it just lies dormant and unknown for many. At one point it was universal and was never meant to be lost.


The Indian god we know today as Shiva, brought Reiki here and incorporated it into the genetic coding as a birth right to all humans. In the early civilization known as Mu (now known as India and Tibet), children received Reiki 1 training at the beginning of grade school. They received Reiki 2 in junior high and educators and anyone who desired it would take their Master Teacher training. After the fall of Mu and then Atlantis, this healing system was mostly lost with the exception of a few.

When a 19th century Japenese Man, Mikao Usui searched for the origins of Jesus and the Buddha's method of healing, he found them in the ancient remnant of Shiva's early culture in the esoteric teachings of India.

The history goes even more into depth from here with the story of Mikao Usui and Hawayo Takata (we'll save that for another day ;) ), but what resulted was modern, traditional Reiki that we know today.

So.. What IS Reiki?

It's a laying of hands energy modality. Think about it, laying your hands on yourself, another person or an animal in pain is a natural healing instrinct.

Living bodies radiate warmth and energy. This energy is what we all life force energy, or KI in Japanese. It has many other names meaing the same such as Ch'i, Prana, Mana, Orenda.

You can think of it has the activating energy of the universe. Everything alive contains this energy and radiates it into their aura.

A person who has been attuned as a Reiki Healer has had their body's energy channels opened and cleared, receiving an increase in this energy for their own healing and the healing of others. This connects them to the source of all universal Ki. (You can also call this God, Goddess, Mother Earth, Source ECT). Reiki is not a religion or affiliated with any one religion as it goes back further than any current religions.

After being attuned, the receiver becomes a channel for this energy. All their need to do to tap into it is to place their hands on themselves or another and it will automatically flow, healing themselves and the other.

There are a total of 4 attunements in traditional Reiki, each one increasing the ability to channel Ki, This attunements MUST be passed from Master to student. They do not receive anything new during this process, rather they align with what was already deep within. As we have ALL had Reiki in past lifetimes it is a part of our heritage and a part of us all.

In the 2nd level of Reiki, students learn how to do distance healing (where you don't need to be physically present) as well as learn about the Reiki symbols.

In the 3rd and 4th level of Reiki there is deep spiritual healing and you learn how to pass this gift onto others.

After each attunement there is a detoxication and healing process that takes place.

Reiki works with our aura's, dis-ease in the body, emotions, past lives, chakras and so much more. You can simply think of it though as a way to heal and circulate the life force energy that flows within us all (animals included!).

If Reiki is something that is calling to you, I highly recommend getting in touch with a local practitioner over doing this online to get the full experience of this beautiful process that lies within you.

At our upcoming Wildly Aligned Retreat  I will be going more in depth on Reiki teachings and how we can use crystals, oils and more to heighten a healing session.

Tell me in the comments, have YOU had Reiki before? Has it been calling to you?