What Is YOUR Money Story?

Money does NOT judge us. WE as humans judge money

The truth is that we are in a relationship with money, whether we are conscious of it or not. 

Honestly... what even IS money? Paper bills and coins? Electronic currency online? I believe money is an energy that responds to OUR energy. It's constantly either being attracted or repelled.

What judgements have you been putting out around money?
Is it currently working FOR or against you? 

A lot of people feel guilt for desiring more. They think if they have more it means others will have less and that makes them greedy. But what if it doesnt have to be like that? What if by having more it would allow you to DO more for more people?

Good people who make good $$ do amazing things!

Many are addicted to living in poverty - having JUST enough to get by but nothing more because they don't feel worthy or they don't even know what they would do with more.

We don't earn money. We circulate and attract it, so what if we started to work WITH money, not for it or against it?

A great starting point is to look at the ways money is already responding to us and to have a genuine appreciation for it! It's tough to grow something when we don't understand it how it is working!

Are you feeling aligned with money?
Do you know what you would do with more and are you ready to OWN it?

If we take a look within ourselves at what we require to live in our highest alignment, we may require more money. And for some maybe we don't NEED more than we have but we haven't realized it yet.

What I am getting at is there is no right or wrong answer, but I challenge you to explore your own energetic relationship with money and what money story you've created.

Is it yours or have you borrowed it from others and what they believe to be true?

Money does play a part in the evolution of our souls and the collective consciousness.

Often, we just need to get out of our own way.