Moon Cycles & Periods

Today I am sharing some information around the moon cycles and the connection that it has too... menstruation!

Taboo... I know

Today, periods are often viewed in the Western world as an inconvenience but many years ago when a woman had her period she was celebrated.

Most of us have some knowledge around the affects the moon has on our planet as it affects the rise and fall of the oceans tides.

Our bodies are made up of about 65 % water, so it's not surprising that it affects us too!

Women’s menstruation cycles are indeed connected to the cycles of the moon. The word menstruation comes from the Greek word, menus which translates to moon, power and month.

In ancient times, when a woman was on period it was believed that she held the power of creation, wisdom and deep spirituality. During this time, women were encouraged to listen to their intuition and her tribe would look to her for advice and guidance! Back in the day women were literally worshipped as being creators and goddesses.

Our ancient sisters were very connected to the lunar phases and their connections to the cycles and their own cycles. More and more women today are starting to come back to this and reclaim their awareness, creating a deeper sense of feminine empowerment and connectedness to themselves and mother earth

Women would often bleed together on the new moon and ovulate on the full moon gathering in what they call a Red Tent or Moon Lodge.

5,000ish years ago when the idea of goddess & moon worship shifted to a patriarchal society, women were labelled as unclean. They were forced to separate themselves from men when they were bleeding. Suddenly they were not fit to enter churches, prepare food or have sex while bleeding. This created deep ancestral wounds that still affect so many of us today.

Have you ever felt shame or guilt about your fluctuating moods and emotions throughout the month? Have you noticed that you generally have more highs and lows emotionally than the men in your life?

This is because of the MOON governing the feminine energy and hormonal cycle! (The Sun is what governs the masculine which is a lot less fluctuating than the moon).

Just like the moon has 4 main phases (New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon) we too have different phases of our own monthly cycles!

Forget the belief that your period is dirty, shameful and inconvenient! Learn how to celebrate your cycle again by being conscious of the divine feminine that flows within you. Appreciate your period as a time of healing and spiritual connection to your highest self and to our mother earth.

Much Love, Sister!

Jenna Xo



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